My service on the City Council and Planning Commission has been very gratifying! Here are some of the things we have accomplished:

  • We hired a new City Manager, Tim Cruikshank, to succeed Tom Burt who is retiring after many years of service to Golden Valley. Mr Cruikshank will provide staff leadership and vision for the community for many years into the future!
  • We continued to expand and develop the Mixed-Use Zone along I-394, including the Arcata apartment building, now occupied; approval of the Xenia multifamily housing; approval of the Laurel Ponds medium density townhomes; approval of expansions and enhancements at three auto dealerships; approval of the Mini Cooper dealership, now open for business.
  • With help from several residents, we reviewed and enhanced the ordinance governing subdivisions and infill residential construction to make the ordinance easier for staff to administer and residents to understand ensuring high quality neighbors. An example is the development at the former tree service site SW of the Highway 55/Highway 100 interchange.
  • We merged Sochacki Park in Robbinsdale with the Mary Hills and the Rice Lake Nature Areas in Golden Valley to form the newest Three Rivers park: Sochacki Park!
  • We made many improvement in Parks and Recreation, including lawn bowling, adult beverages at Brookview Community Center, bicycle gold and winter bicycling.
  • Construction of the new and vastly improved Douglas Drive, with walking and bicycle trails on each side, has been completed.